Friday, March 11, 2011

My Bone Journal

I bought a plastic trombone from the people at a couple of weeks ago for the grand price of 50 quid, they didn't have any blue ones in stock at the time I ordered so I plumped for a purple one instead.  Purple Bone, snigger ;)

My mate SaxomoPaul suggested that it might be a nice idea to keep a blog detailing my attempt to learn to play the trombone from scratch.  Being the sort of brick headed fool that I am I decided to learn it without any tuition as such, just what I can find on the interwebs and the occasional derisive remark I get from the trombone player in my band who can actually play (and who is actually pretty bloody good at playing in fact; the bar is set !)

I'm going to try to post here bits and bobs that I find out along the way, things I find hard, any tips that I pick up etc., mainly as a record for myself but maybe it'll turn out to be helpful for other people just starting to learn to play the trombone.

The first thing I've noticed is that it's looking like I'll have to learn to actually sight-read music for this.  I've been playing bass for a good 20 years and until now managed to get away without having really needing it, but I can see that being able to read the score is going to make my life easier when it comes to learning the trombone, so it's time to suck it up.  Fortunately I've been working on my music theory recently so hopefully it's not going to be such a massive chore :)

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